Tomtoc Versatile Protective Laptop Sleeve 13.3 | Black Blue


Model: A13-C01D

Maximum fit model size: 12.8*9.14 inch
13 inch Macbook Pro Retina | Macbook Air Sleeve, Black Blue (A13-C01D)


MacBook is expensive, make sure you tap into the sleek, innovative and trendy sleeve designed to deliver maximum protection. Protecting your MacBook from damage will not only ensure a long lifetime, but it will keep your data secure. Committed to providing high quality, premium-grade laptop sleeves designed for comfort, style, portability and protection, we designed this revolutionary sleeve to take laptop protection to the next level. The patented design reduces the risk of cosmetic damage, including scratches and scuffs, or more serious cracks or breakages.


Powerful Protection

A unique, patented CornerArmor design provides 360° padded protection. This ensures that your device is protected from every angle, and each ‘pressure point’ that could internally damage your computer has been properly secured.


Additional Storage

Save yourself the hassle of carrying around multiple bags, and make use of the specially designed pockets for any cables or accessories that you might need throughout the day.


Thick internal plush lining cushioning

The internal cushioning featured in our sleeve is great for shock absorption, making accidental knocks or drops much less likely to permanently damage your device. The plush lining is of the highest quality, and designed purely with your laptop’s protection in mind.


Overall Appearance

Explore the remarkable sleeve, perfectly-designed to help you throughout any day, whether you’re at work, school or even just at home.